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Any positive tapers happening?


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I would love to hear stories about people who had positive Valium crossover  tapers .There are so many sad painful stories of taper problems.  Does everyone have problems?  Anyone have an ok ride?  Or are those people Mia from this forum? Please respond if your experience was at the very least tolerable
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I am just starting my taper. I would love to hear from any others that are further down the line that are having successful valium crossover tapers with tolerable symptoms.  This forum can be scary . Hearing any positive experience would help me a lot right now.
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Magnolis - Thanks for starting this thread!!!!  - some positive feedback from others would be GREAT and much needed! 


I crossed over to 10mg in January - I did get ahead of myself at around 7 1/2 mg, but now I have up dosed from 6mg to 6.5 and I feel MUCH better  - I'm pretty functional and most days feel good - I am not only dealing with the taper but a sick thyroid and low iron as well - (symptoms can all mimic each other)


but I am GOOD now and hope to stay that way........starting Liquid Micro as soon as I have better bloodwork on my Thyroid


Would love to hear from others who are doing well........


Happy Halloween!

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Hi Mag

I switched from 2 mg Ativan to 20 mgs.

No,problem at all.

I took a month to slowly switch.

Keep tapering at the rate your are doing.

You can always slow down


I will be at 2 mgs on 16th Nov.

I am currently dropping 1 mg every 60 days.

I did a lot of my taper at .2 which 25 days per mg


Physical symptoms other than tinnitus have gone.

Odd headache. But less than I used to get.


Mindfulness is an absolute life saver to me.

Keeping a lid on anxiety and accepting and not fighting symptoms helps.


My experience is things are improving the lower I go.

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Glad I could be of some help.

Good luck.

Slow and steady wins the race!


Here is another positive thread;




JP49 thank you - as you can see - thats my quote - "Slow and Steady" and my favorite childrens book! 


Not sure why - but I'm not getting notifications when there are new posts on this thread - and typically I get notifications on any thread I've posted on - So I'm having to go to Magnolis profile and find the thread........But this is a thread i def. want to keep up with......I'm on my 3rd attempt (last two MUCH too rapid) - this time I feel good and am going slow and symptom based


Lets all stick together here!

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