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Chemical anxiety


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Struggling hard

Sorry I keep posting

I am holding at 1mg

How was I so ok two weeks ago?

Sormtgibg is happening in my body

And I fear I will end up in a hospital

I know one minute at a time

It's just crazy jaw closure and chest pressure pain and anxiety

Trying to meditate

I was doing great at it when I was feeling well and now I just feel like getting up and moving but I am too tired too

Does the chemical anxiety move and change

This is not me. Ever. This is the drug. I am holding at 1. Will I stabilize if I do?

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Jackson, I'm so sorry you are getting slammed. I don't have the answers for you but want you to know you are not alone. Hopefully, a more eperienced BB will be along soon.

Hang on my friend.

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Thank you so much

My days are brutal this last week

Last Sunday was an ok day. Tuesday too. But that's it

I am getting worse I fear

This is what happened last time


It just built and built but I am holding and hope this time the hold works

I am fearing I cannot do this. I cannot handle this level of anxiety. I cannot even think straight.

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