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Considering detox for last 1mg. Suggestions


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Anyone have any suggestions for the last 1mg

Considering detox

Not doing well

Unmanageable terror. Like a feeling of being fully on fire.

The whole taper has been hard bc of my cold turkey and fast taper

Pls Lmk your thoughts

I can't believe I need to quit my job

I cannot go to work like this

I cannot function suddenly

Been hit

Holding at 1mg and started neurontin

Desperate it is not manageable currently and wondering how many ppl are happy they went to detox?

I get Akathesia

How long does that generally last?

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Hi I went to rehab because I really had no choice. They frown against cold turkey on this forum, but I was too sick to taper. I'm 15 mos benzo free, and it hasn't been easy. Withdrawal was horrible ..
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Were you able to function these last 15 months?

Eat sleep no Akathesia?

If it weren't for Akathesia I would go

Talked to baylissa and she told me not to

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Detox ain't the way to go with benzos. Valium tapers are best. Detoxes don't have the protocols to treat benzo addiction. They are treated just like opiate addicts, or alcoholics, where withdrawal is minimal after a week
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Did u make it ok in detox

I am on the last bit but fight or flight one day and another ok

Every other day it seems

It could get a lot worse as it did in cold turkey

But I have mild Akathesia now

It gets worse

I have not healed on this slow taper

I wasted a year.

Burning all of it still there

I did the damage already

I am feeling on verge of panic but that doesn't describe it

I have a family I feel so much pressure and need to surrender it all


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