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There really are some experts in benzodiazepine withdrawal!


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There is a charity called Battle Against Tranquilizers or BAT that are based in a city called Bristol in the UK. They really know their stuff when it comes to benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine withdrawal. The charity is mostly run by people who have been through benzodiazepine withdrawal themselves. I used to go along to their drop in group and was very impressed, and as far as i am concerned what they dont know about benzodiazepine withdrawal, isn't worth knowing.


The charity keeps up to date on research/ news to do with benzodiazepines, and one of its main aims is educating doctors on how to withdraw people off benzodiazepines correctly/ safely.


You can contact BAT by telephone on the UK numbers ;


0117 966 3629

0844 826 9317 (24 hour answering machine)


Or by email at; support@bataid.org


It can take a while to get through to their helplines so sometimes you have to be a bit persistant.


I highly recommend contacting them with any questions you have.

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Thanks for that Spruce. This week alone I was wishing to find ANYWHERE I could ask for help that was  from a medical standpoint and not just online support. I will share this around. I think I called them at the start of my w'd but it's all a fog after a year and a half.
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