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Got two new business clients today and first payment in months! :D


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So today (well yesterday) I decided I was going to try hard at my business... I own my own marketing company but I run it on my own from home at the moment... And I barely make a living (because of the insomnia and anxiety I'm not a "go getter") so I don't really get repeat business because I don't do the sales side of it very well


But I decided I was going to be proactive, and after meeting some business owners through Facebook I secured two contracts paying me a monthly income for 12 months each!!!


I can't believe it!


I've been really low and extremely depressed and withdrawn, not getting out of bed, sleeping in, not washing etc but I needed some money by Friday and set myself the goal to get the money and I did it :)


All whilst I'm doped up on drugs  :D


So this post is to tell you that you can still ACHIEVE things whilst on medication/WD/CT IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH


Put it this way, if you needed £200 to pay your rent or you're homeless you're going to find it somehow even with WD!


So I'm going to challenge myself every week now and build my business!


I'm lucky I don't have a 9-5 as I don't leave the house at the mo but that will change soon too... Small steps

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