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Heart palps pvcs!


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I remember seeing a heart palp group but could not find it

So I have been checked out recently by a cardiologist

He noted pvcs

These heart palps are t in my head but.. What to do?

I was doing ok w everything until I got pneumonia and needed breathing treatments etc

Could supplements like zinc cause heart palps?

The only other thing I take is probiotics and juice plus ( fruits and veggies )

I am down to 1mg of v

Pls help!

Last time in cold turkey and fast taper my magnesium level was dangerously low at 0.2. My mother has atrial fib. Could it be low b12 or low magnesium? Mg revved me up recently so I haven't taken it but am making smoothies and eating very clean and healthy.


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From what I have read PVCS are pretty common. It appears that anxiety can be a cause, and withdrawal from benzos can certainly create anxiety! Have you talked to your cardiologist about what might be causing the PVCS? He might have a fact sheet or other information to help you.


I've had palpitations myself but got an all clear from my own cardiologist so I don't worry about them anymore. They're just kind of annoying sometimes.

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Great. How are you doing now?

Many things cause PVC-- my asthma medicine, tapering, lack of sleep and anxiety- but my anxiety comes as a result of the PVC

I am meditating and trying to eat magnesium and potassium rich foods

I just emailed my doc so we will see

I read co-q 10, and magnesium and potassium and omega 3 help... Over this!

Thank you! I also read lying on your right side does something w the vagus nerve and it helps calm them down. :)

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