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Psychopax drops


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So I was finally able to get ahold of some liquid valium to use in a taper. It is made by a german company and comes in 20ml bottles at 12.5mg/ml. I looked at the insert and it is 40% alcohol by volume along with some preservatives and diazepam. This is too potent to easily make the smaller cuts I want (I plan on dosing it with an oral syringe). If I mix 20ml of the psychopax with 20ml of 40% vodka I should end up with a 6.25mg/ml solution correct? I'm not a huge fan of the fact that it is suspended in alcohol but since it is already in 40% alcohol it seems adding that adding a neutral liquor like 40% vodka would be my best bet for making a weaker solution that is easier to dose small amounts. I only dose once a day and I'm never going to be taking more than 1ml at a time so I'm not too worried about any effects from the alcohol at that dose.


I'm 99% sure that mixing the Psychopax with liquor will yield a homogeneous solution of diazepam since both are 40%abv but I was just looking for any input on the off chance I don't understand chemistry as well as I thought

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