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What Will Your Holiday Sweater Look Like


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Time to think about Ugly/Gorgeous Holiday Sweaters.


This is what I would like my sweater to look like.


Pale blue background on the front. Red backround on the back  White knit neckband and cuffs. Sweater should be reversible. I attend holiday parties of both faiths. See below for trims.


Giant yellow Star of David on the front. Happy Hanukkah in black on the front.


Hanukkah Bush/ Christmas tree on the back with light up lights

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Black overall ribbed knit


Red reindeer woven into sweater with tiny black buttons for eyes.


Gold flecks throughout the sweater.


Cuffed long sleeves


Vulgar as all get out.... ;D 


This is a great distraction thread, btw rabbit ~ thank you!  :)

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