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Screwed my meds up - need support - HELP!!


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I'm detoxing off Klonopin since 8/6.  3mg to what I thought was .5.  I'm using Valium to substitute as I go thru this.  I'm only supposed to take 15mg of Valium and take all at night.  There have been times I've taken 20mg of Valium as that's what the Ashton plan suggests.


Well today I realized I've screwed up big time.  I have been using the .5 Klonopin and taking 2 at night thinking I was only taking .5 (don't ask - for some reason that's what I thought as I had been cutting the 2mg in half to get the 1mg originally and wasn't used to taking the different color pill).  So now I realize I've been still on 1mg.  Major screw up 1.  I call in refills for the Klonopin and Valium and it's now too soon to fill.  I'm ok on the Klonopin, but have to wait another week before I can fill the Valium.  Even taking the 15mg at bedtime I'll be out by Sunday.  Period.  Screw up 2.


Do I call my doctor and tell him and ask him to call in a new script?  Will the pharmacy fill the Valium early if I pay for it?  I know I need to stay on the 15mg now as I've made a mess of things, but as of now I don't have enough to do that.



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