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Struggling Another Question....


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Where does the heightened intense sense of fear, and bad dreams come from?  I have had such intense fear for no particular reason for the past few weeks.  Has my stomach in knots all the time. That along with bad dreams.  I don't understand the science of why these are happening at such a strong intensity.  I used to look forward to my nights, sort of a reprieve from my day.  Not anymore.  I try to meditate, go for walks, distract, and the fear never leaves.  Some dreams have been pleasant, but why the nightmare's? 



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I know what you mean. Sleep was my only respite since January.

Since I started tapering, i have extremely vivid dreams, mostly good, some nightmares.

I think it is all the emotional responses that were dulled/covered up by the Klonopin

all those years. The subconcious has to get it out.

That said, it helps to not eat a heavy meal before bed, and no scary movies, etc.

Good luck



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