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Rivotril 0.5mg to 1mg daily


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Hello, don't feel comfortable having to explain why I should have access to a help forum ;-(


Anyway, been on Rivotril poison for almost 3 years. Generally 0.5 mg to 1mg, depending on the day I had and how stressed I am.


Ive stopped cold turkey a week ago (before Ive read bad things about stopping) and Im in hell right now. As I type, my hands and arms are completely numb. Im lost, can barely answer to a yes/no question, and 100's other side effects that you know already.


Please give me access to this board so I can get help.


Im also BiP type 2, but this is not an issue, I cannot stop my meds for that, I just want to stop Rivotril. (Ive dropped a doze of Rivotril a few minutes ago since Ive read the bad things.


I will start going off it properly so I dont have to go thru what Im feeling right now.... like crap.



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Hello manouky,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies!  While it might be uncomfortable to reach for help, sometimes we all need to seek support while going through a difficult time. Cold turkey is most definitely a difficult time and not the best way to stop taking these types of medications.  I know first hand how severe the symptoms can be.


I see you have taken a dose of rivotril.  You are actually well within the suggested guidelines for reinstatement, which is generally around 2 weeks. If your symptoms are unbearable, it might be a good idea to reinstate, stabilize and then plan a sensible taper.


Generally a slow taper can minimize withdrawal symptoms. It is suggested to taper no more than 5-10% every 10-14 days. I'll give you a link to the General Taper Plans for additional information.


I'll also give you a link to the Ashton Manual, an excellent resource about these types of drugs and how to withdraw. It was written by an expert in the field, Dr. Heather Ashton.


You are in the right place to get help, support and encouragement.  It may take a little while to stabilize which will give you time to plan your taper.  We understand this process, we've been through it or are going through it presently.


Please feel free to ask questions, we're here to help.



General Taper Plans


The Ashton Manual


pianogirl  :)


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