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I took 1-1.5 mg klonipin once every 2-4 days for roughly 6 years. Switched to 1-1.5 mg xanax every 2-4 days for 2 months. Would feel bad take benzos feel better. Quit. 4 days later realized addicted. Sick, confused, painful heat flashes, more. Only klonipin available. Now taking .75 mg klonipin daily stabilize dose and begin titration taper. Question is can I go from Xanax to K without to much wds? Ready to get off benzos forever. Just guessing at doseage based on how I feel. The wd are so slow and protracted though. I get sick once every day or two at this dose. Been off Xanax 6 days. Could I be withdrawing from the Xanax even with the Klonipin? Yes I am confused and scared. Just want to slow taper. Any ideas? Thanks


Edit: Dosage details corrected at member's request

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