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What is Benzo Belly?


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I have been almost completely healed after 14 months. Going into longer and longer weeks of windows but what I have noticed about this phase is you will feel great and then all of a sudden be hit with a new symptom that you may not have had prior.


This time i think it might be what people describe as benzo belly but I am not really sure what it is as it was not one of my symptoms prior.


My stomach is ridiculously bloated/distended (someone asked me if i was pregnant not my finest moment) with discomfort and gurgling.  Lots of general discomfort and almost a crawling feeling inside especially at night.


I have gone back to my diet of bland foods with no gluten no spicy food no caffeine no alcohol etc. to see if it will subside.


But it has been bad.


Would love to know is this what people refer to as Benzo Belly?


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I think it's kind of a catch-all for any stomach/digestive issues from bloating/gurgling to weight gain/loss to constipation/diarrhea.  Your situation certainly qualifies.  I hope it gets better soon.
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