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Hey, I didn't hand around here much lately. Maybe it's because the symptoms I talked about all those years have mostly disappeared or I have got used to live with some of them.

All those years and months I was tapering the most I was afraid was the day when it's my final dose. For me it was very symptom free ending, maybe because of my super mega long taper. Anyway, I think what helped me in the end was that I started dating and I kinda forgot about the symptoms etc and then it was suddenly over. Been dating almost 1 year now. I still have some chronic problems like my back hurting on right side, but it was since 5 years ago so might not even be anything to do with benzo. All tests done from back and nothing found so I don't know. Now I'm tapering seroquel and lexapro. Seroquel 0.05mg and it still working on putting me sleep.  Anyway I just wanted to update



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