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Need to titrate support - hope I am posting in right place!


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Hey friends...

Well, I am just about halfway through the Klonopin titrate. Lately it has been hard. My left eye is in a twitch phase. Headaches. My sleep is a bit erractic. I wake up really early sometimes. Weird dreams. A few times the panic/anxiety has gotten really bad and I thought I was not going to make it.

I know it will get better. But today I just feel depressed, broken.

Just knowing I am not alone helps.t

Sometimes I talk to people who just seem to be able to cold turkey meds with almost no problem. I am actually jealous of this. My husband stopped taking 300 mg of Neurontin CT without even feeling it. NO WAY could I do that.

Anyway, I hope someday I will feel normal. Whatever that is.

Any words of any sort are appreciated.



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Hi Bluskysea

Im titrating klonopin too. Im jealous of you that you wake up. It implies that there was actually some sleep. Jk

I had thought I was going to have it easy until last week, one third in.

If you feel really bad you could always hold for a while, thats what im doing

BTW I felt seminormal for a few hours today

I guess we have to hold onto those moments

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