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What's the difference compare to palliative care?


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It's pretty much the same if you ask me except:

no  morphine for me ;)

no personal nurse

don't have a clue when it will end

people don't cry when they see me

can't ask for medical assistance in dying (legal in Canada)

don't receive flowers, post cards

don't have an emergency button over my bed

no daily doctor visit

people don't bring me food at my bed

can't ask for oxygen

family not compassionate

feel like dying but will not, dammit... :)


On the bright side:

Can go to the toilet by myself... :D








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On the bright side, we are not terminal like those in hospice receiving palliative care.  Yes, we suffer, but we will heal from benzos and thrive again, while others will not.  We have to keep it in perspective don't we?  Great reminder.




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