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Tapering Plan upcoming....Scared and needing support please


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I so appreciate what you do here.  Thank you for setting this support up for all of us.


As for me, I was taking 1.5 mg of Klonopin for about 5 months.  I started to taper 1/4 tablet each 7 days or so.  I did not wait for stabilization and had some pretty nasty side effects. 


I decided to spread the 1.5mg I was taking once a day to .5mg three times a day, which I started on Tuesday of this week, and stabilize at this dosage..then start tampering.  A good idea?


I am hoping my body adjusts to the new schedule of dosing.  I am unsure what tapering schedule I am going to do when I start.  I am thinking just starting with 1/8 cuts then go from there. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Thank you for your support.


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