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The first week of rapid withdrawal is the worst, then.....


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The first week of your withdrawal is going to be the worst....At least it was for me. I did a rapid one: I went cold turkey for more than a day (which was super tough) and then maintained half my dose for the rest of the week with one rescue dose. The last week has been hell. Today, I finally feel better, as if things are stabilizing already.


As long as one can eat and sleep (two basic forms of survival), as another benzobuddy told me on here, you can get through it. Eating was the major obstacle for me but it's already getting better. I believe in my body's ability to heal and I treat it very healthy anyway, so I heal fast. I use alternative health resources, lots of supplements, exercise, and rest (including taking time off from work).


I realized I don't need a detox center -- this can be done on one's own. I know I will make it through this now. I did some crazy things and acted pretty crazy in the past week, but I am so glad I pushed myself through it and am so close to getting off these toxic pills.


I don't want to do a long drawn out taper -- the rapid one was best for me. I am not saying it is best for everyone, but as long as I was strong enough to make it through the week of sheer torture, the rapid withdrawal was worth it.

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