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We're all strong


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In my opinion we're all strong individuals. You may not think so or think you're weak. Trust me you are strong!  :smitten:

You've come a long way and you still continue to wake up everyday, live, eat and do whatever you can to carry on.

We may have dark pasts, gotten heartbroken, went through surgeries or got very very sick in withdrawal,

You may even lost someone close to you, if you were abused in the past: You are strong!

It doesn't matter. You are strong and brave! Tell yourself this. Don't give up hope! I believe in you and I believe in myself!  :)


If I made it this far- So can You.

You may have horrible nights and cried, thought you wouldn't make it through and felt deeply depressed and felt that high anxiety rising.

Please don't give up hope. We will all make it through this. There will be light at the end of this tunnel.

Just hang in there. Continue to post, reach out and do whatever you can to help one another on this Forum.

You may think you're not strong. That's a lie. We're all strong and we will make it through this.  :thumbsup:


Trust me I have bad days too. Just keep reminding yourself that you're strong and that you can do this.

Please never give up on Hope. Hope makes us carry on. It gives us a sense of purpose.

We're all strong. When this is all over we'll be survivors of this nightmare. We are warriors.

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Well said Blueskies (I really do love that name...so peaceful), with your attitude you are going to go far! Thank you for such an uplifting post....you're right we are strong, I don't know anyone as strong as you or I and everyone on here. It takes some major strength to accomplish what we all are setting out to do. We are a determined bunch of people, who believe our lives are worth going through the pain and struggle it takes to become healthy....and we are worth it, without a doubt.


Thanks again for such a comforting, positive post!        ~CeCe      :mybuddy:

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Thanks, that is very helpful. Two other people told me I am stronger than I think. I am actually very optimistic about this taper but then I get mixed feelings. These words mean a lot. Hope is very crucial to our recovery.  :)
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