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my first titration, a little help please jsut to be sure , thank u !


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I used bromazepam for a decade and gonne taper it with titration method.


I grind my 4.5 mg bromazepam with 2 spoons and add 1 ml ,96 procent alcohol, with it. in the spoon with the grinded bromazepam.


Then i fill my glass with 149 ml(measured with cylinder) water and put the solution(alcohol and bromazepam in spoon) in it.

Now i think i diluted the the 4.5mg/1ml bromazepam with 149 ml water, correct? Then i reduce per day 1 extra ml from total (water plus bromazepamsolution)with syringe. i make every day same solution and take 1 ml more from new brew :D (first day 1ml, second day 2ml, ....)




is the bromaeepam in the total solution 150 ml even distribuated??is it correct or do u see mistakes?


thanku , will make a signature soon also, yoooo

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