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Brain zaps Clonazepam


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Hi Guys,


I have a question . I see that brain zaps are common from withdrawal . However I have brain zaps since almost 2 month every morning when I wake up . At least 1 brain zaps every 5 sec for 1 hour ...very hard


My question is : can we have brain zaps while taking clonazepam . I am taking 0.5 mg evening and 0.5 during the night and day . I am Tinnitus suffering and this is the only drug who help me to reduce a bit the intensity of my T


I was taking lexapro which I tapper off because I thought it could the cause of the BZaps


Thanks a lot for your experiences

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Hi jacob2105 and welcome to BenzoBuddies.


Glad you've found us and hopefully can get some answers to your question about brain zaps.  Personally, I experienced zaps during my own Lexapro taper and for approximately 9 months afterwards.  I didn't have them connected with benzodiazepine use. 


Let me give you a couple of links to post to the wider membership for their support.  I know you're not asking about a taper plan for the clonazepam, but you may simply want to ask about any connection between it and the brain zaps:


Withdrawal Support 

Other Medications 


We highly recommend that you take a look at The Ashton Manual, which is an authoritative source on what to expect during withdrawal and recovery, authored by Dr. C. Heather Ashton, who is an expert in the field. It provides a great deal of information that can be very reassuring during any stage of this process, including a list of common symptoms with helpful explanations on the reasons for their existence.



Please take some time to Create a Signature. This will help other members understand your history so they will be better able to support you.

Go to the top of the page and select Profile, then choose Forum Profile, insert drug history/timelines into the text box and click Change Profile.



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Thank you Challis


I have changed my profile


I ll read the article The Ashton Manual


In fact  I was taking lexapro and Clonazepam . Brain zaps appears while taking both . So I read some papers on internet that brain xaps can also occurs while taking lexapro . So I have decided to tapper off . However brain zaps are style their every morning when I wake up until I go out of my bed . I have those brain zaps every 5 sec ( eletric noise ) until I stand up and completely wake up


So my question is ; Is there anybody got brain zaps while taking Clonazepam ?


All the best



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