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direct taper or substitution????


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Been on bromazepam for 10 years or so. Took a lot of other meds but im off them for years. I now take a 4.5 mg of bromazepam devided into 3 doses. I always have been sensitive to drugs also small doses.


I tapered from 5.25 to 4.5mg 10 days ago, so a 0.75 reduction = thats 14,3 procent in 10 days


I had difficult insomnia and some anxiety and some problems in interacting with others, no problems at work. I have fysical job and dont need my brain for it  :) .It was hard for the first 6 days.


The pills i take are 3 mg tablets wich you can slit in 4, no more(too small).So 0.75 mg reductions.


My question:


Should i continue to taper like this or should i switch to valium ?( 4.5 bromazepam=7.5 mg diazepam)

Because if i switch i can make smaller reductions and wont have dose interdose problems that much, i think. Bromazepam has half life of 10 to 20 hours wich is quite short i think??So maybe switching would be easier. I know its a small dose but i think its because i have used them for a decade it has a big influence on me.


So any toughts on switching for smoother concentration alterations or should i continue with the 0.75 direct taper?

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Do you have any experience with Valium? if so, how did you do with it? Some people really don't like how it makes them feel, so crossing-over doesn't always work out.


If you can tolerate the interdose withdrawal, it is usually safer to taper the original drug. Split dosing helps a lot, even in the middle of night if necessary.


One way to get smaller cuts is to use a nail file on the pills. I also saw on another posting (I think it was you?) mentioning a liquid titration of bromazepam. Bromazepam is soluble in ethanol, so mixing it with a bit of vodka, then water, should work well. This will enable you to get really small cuts that are much less noticeable. A 14% cut is more than is recommended, 10% is the largest cut recommended.

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