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coming of bromazepam, finally


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Hey ,


I joined this forum because i will taper from bromazepam. I also go to a psychiatrist 1 times a month. I think it is wise to get as much support as i can get. I have been taking bromazepam(lexotan) for 10years or so . I  am on a low dose now 4.5 mg/day .


I tapered 0.75 mg last week so my starting dose was 5.25 mg

That is 5.25 mg each day divided in 3 doses (1.5+1.5+2.25).


I would like to taper next dose(-0.75 mg) wednesday 28/9. I dont think i will need to swap to a more long acting because bromazepam is not very short acting,i think. It is a low dose but i have been taking it for so long and i am very sensitive to  drugs. The first week taper was difficult, insomnia and irritation and just difficulty with  social interactions . Ok jobwise because its a fysical job and i dont use my brain that much there :D just tha muscles. So lets do this  :D

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Hi  :) Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I am glad you found us today. Congrats on your taper so far. The recommended reduction rate is 5 to 10 percent every


You might like to check out The Ashton Manual it is an authoritative source on what to expect in withdrawal and recovery.  Dr. Ashton is an expert in the field.


Please feel free to post to any of the dedicated boards, we have a wonderful community of people here, who will give sound advice. Members have been through all aspects of benzodiazepine use and withdrawal and are more than willing to share their experiences.


General Taper Plans

Withdrawal Support During Your Taper



Please take the time to Create a Signature.  This will allow others to see where you are in the process so they can better support you.


Again Welcome!  :smitten:



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