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Heart palps and coughing


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I haven't had this in a while mi am having almost constant heart palps

Recovering from pneumonia and using breathing treatment

Can't exercise yet or anything but anxiety is insane

I am down to 1.28 Valium

Not going up after so much work to get here

Idk hold taper or keep going?

Been doing 1ml per day

Not all days are like this

Monday was a good day

I am back at work

It's minimal but still super hard with these constant heart palps

Should I be worried?

Going to cardiologist Monday. Will hold maybe for five days

Not sure what to do bc I need my asthma medicine but think it also causes sxs

Was doing so well

So optimistic before this pneumonia 3 wks ago

Praying for a winning lotto ticket as I am fighting to work

I feel just as I did last year w cold turkey fast taper

I feel I should have gone to detox

This was a mistake

Damage was done I think

Anyone fast taper and cold turkey and get off ok w out acute?


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