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ativan to valium substitution


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Currently took about 2-3 weeks of Ativan 0.5 mg daily. I took lunesta 0.75 mg X 4 months before that and lunesta 3 mg X 6 weeks before that. I was wondering can I switch to 5 mg valium and then slowly taper over like 10 weeks like going down 1 mg every week?

So like 5 mg valium - week 1-3

4 mg -week 3-5

3 mg - week 5-7

2 mg - week 6-8

1 mg - week 8-10

Or can I just cold turkey since it hasn't been that long.

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I dont recommend a cold turkey, but given short term use you could taper directly from the ativan and get away from the benzos and z-drugs as quickly as possible. There may still be some withdrawal symptoms but they will pass. It would take at least as long as you have already been on the ativan to do a crossover to valium.



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