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Valium - How do you feel after 2 months on zero?


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I am off 102 days, my acute stage continued to at least 90.  I have only seen an improvement of about less than 10%.  My sleep has improved from 3 to 5 hours, still lots of d/p, d/r, episodes of anxiety,  fear, hopeless crying,  muscle spasms, , fatigue,  etc, etc,  Not able to drive for the past 13 months. Spending half the day on the couch.  Just doing the basics in life, fixing food, bathing, taking care of pets.  Waiting for my damaged brain to heal. This experience has been like a chemical electrocution.  I've read bb backwards and forwards for months, I think I fit into the category of slow healers, and I feel so jealous of those who are healing faster, getting  back to normal.  I'm really afraid this will be a long long recovery.
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