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Extended Release Xanax substituted with Valium?


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I had a rough time with withdrawals from Xanax before (Note, I was going cold turkey from 30mg a day) but I got prescribed 4mg of extended release Xanax 2mg 2 times per day and reluctantly took it because my doc said that you pretty much can't abuse them (he didn't know about my past with them and even if I could abuse them I wouldn't because I refuse to go back to that), I stayed on that dose for 4 months and then decided without letting my psych doc know, I would drop it to 3mg, 1mg 3 times a day. Then the next time I saw my psych doc (I see him once a month) I told him I would try to go down to 3mg but had already done that and went down to 2mg per day (I've been saving extras in case I change doctors and they wont keep it up so I can taper) and then last Thursday I saw him and said I wanted to go down to 2mg a day and he said that was fine but still gave me 90 1mg xr pills just in case I needed the third one, which I've only needed the third one once and that was this past Saturday at my aunts funeral. I've been taking 2mg per day, 1mg around 9-10am and then 1mg around 7pm for 2 or 3 months now. (Not benzo related but its part of what I'm getting at.) Also I have pretty bad ADD and my psych doc said once I lower my dose on my other meds he would prescribe me Adderall but he wanted to keep me on some sort of benzo but just a lower dose. We talked about that when I was on 15mg Zyprexa, down to 5mg now, and when I was still on 4mg of xr Xanax and down to 2mg now. But getting to my question, since I'm taking 2mg of extended release Xanax per day, could I substitute it with like 3 or 4 10mg Valiums spaced through the day with relatively little withdrawals from the Xanax? (10mg Valium is ~ .5mg Xanax if I'm not mistaken) My overall plan is to change from the xr Xanax to Valium since its weaker and lasts longer and get down to 20mg of Valium per day for GAD and hopefully get off all benzos one day, get a low dose of Adderall to help my ADD and help with my social anxiety (I've experimented and it completely kills my social anxiety like it never existed), and get off of the Zyprexa completely because I don't think I really need it, it was just prescribed to me in the psychiatric hospital for psychosis when I was withdrawing from the 30mg of Xanax a day. And just a side note, I don't want the Adderall or Valium to get high, I want them so I can be a "normal" functioning human being and hopefully I can drop both of them one day and still be functional. I'd also like to say that I'm pretty proud of myself for not even attempting to abuse my Xanax since it was prescribed to me, seeing what my past was with it and all. Sorry if this post was a bit long or got off topic, its 2am and its been a long day...
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