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can someone help me have hope...?


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I don't come onto this forum often...but when I do I must say that I am touched by those giving their success stories.


I am writing so that perhaps someone of you or more may be able to offer some support and help me have hope.


I will tell you my history with withdrawal from klonopin first so that you might know what my challenge has been and maybe someone cal help me hopefully.


I was started on klonopin about nine yaars or so ago and began to have wierd nerve symptoms of something strange moving in my stomach about three or four years ago.  I was tired, was challenged with lack of conifdence and more.


I had alot of family and other trauma all through my life and in my early to late 50s was began to take klonopin when I had a relationship breakup.


Then a year and 1/2 ago after having many medical tests and the results all being negative I began to come off of what was then 2 mg. of klonopin ...1/2 mg four times a day.


When I first began January of 2015 I began having very strange wierd and scary physical symptoms of pain...and this continued as I came off of 1 mg. over four months and at the beginning of April 2015 I said that I wanted to feel better for my daughters wedding in the beginning of May ....


so I came off and then I had the remaiinder of the klonopin in my system for about 10 months during which time I suffered again very strange electric type symptoms throughout my body...I was told now by people who saw me back then that my thinking seemed wierd but I do not remember it.


throught that year I finally knew that the klonopin in my system was causing me to have these symptoms and I needed to go off.


I got stronger and got the will up to go off and then started again to go off in the beginning of February of this year....After about a month of beginning I began to have pain in my head and this progressively as I went off finally in April to worsen....it seemed.  I did not go to any doctors because I had lost faith in them. I started working with a medical intuitive who had a background in both traditional and holistic and Chinese medicine back before I went off completely and then afterwards and she started tellng me as I was going off that I could expect to feel better in May ......



I got excited and thought that the summer would be a good one...because I would be able to feel better and make good plans....that did not happen.  Perhaps I made it more didfficult for myself by talking which was very diffcult due to tightening musicles in my jaw and neck and upper back and I felt imprisoned by not being able to any kinds of communication without feelin challenged....the vice around my head the electric sparks in my head and the tightening were all symptoms....


So I did not have a summer....I had better days when I still had something very powerful and very fast moving throughout my belly and feeling controlled by it and powerless....but during these days I was able at least to communicate and have some more fun times...


Now it is almost the end of September and it has been what seems to me to be a very long and painful time....and I am just wondering if someone can either give me a suggestion of what might help me at this time...perhaps seeing someone a holitstic neurologist or someone else or perhaps what might give me hope....I welcome any ideas which might lead me to serenity and a realization and manifestation of healing in my body mind brain and spirit.


I really very much appreciate it 


I hope to hear back from you and wish you peace and joy




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Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do to make it better. If there was we would all be doing it. The only healer in this situation is time. It sucks and I'm going through a really rough spell myself. All we can do is ride it out and hope it gets better.
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My favorite thing in the world right now is hot baths.

They really are helping right now.


Looking for posts on what is happening in our bodies is helpful so I can have some logic around what is going on.

When I understand what my body is doing, it calms my fears.

Symptoms start to make sense.


I plan for the worse and hope for the best.

This is a marathon, plan accordingly.

Magical thinking has not worked for me.

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You can go to a chiropractor neurologist and that is closest thing to a holistic neurologist that I know of. But unless you truly think that it is something else that is making you feel this way I would save your money. Benzo withdrawal is awful and long going for some. Mine has been short of torture every day for 7 months. Look at my signature it's bad my use of drugs and what I have done to my cns.
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Because we are overly sensitive to benzos, our Central Nervous System (CNS) has been injured in a more extreme manner than we or our doctor's could have ever imagined that it would be.

You must accept the reality that you are not going to be completely healed until your CNS has completely healed, and this will take time. 

I say a prayer and ask God to get me through just one day at a time and so far, Im still here.  


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Hi tairose,


I don"t know anything about your lifestyle or circumstances so forgive me if my suggestions seem insensitive.


Have you tried just plan old exercise? Cardio is great for the heart, pulmonary system stamina, endurance, and releasing endorphins. Strength training is good for bone health and giving you a toned look. Yoga is good for all of the above as well as giving you some inner peace. Working in the garden will get your limbs moving and you'll be soaking up Vitamin D from the sun. A hike in nature is good for getting out of your head. I find ANY exercise is good in general for that sense of well-being. Frankly, I would find it more worthwhile and satisfying to be doing any of the above than spending the day with a doctor.


Could any of your problems be related to diet? If you are open to herbs as medicine, how about food? Have you tried a healing diet?


I guess my overall thought is seizing some control of your own health becomes more empowering rather than turning this responsibility over to someone else to"fix".


Best wishes to you tairose. I hope you find some comfort.

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Rialto, Niners,sickkid, davis1 and Nexttime,


I thank you all for writing me with your suggestions.


thank you for your kind replies.


I will give thought to what you had to say.


and I wish you all well.


may you all receive and feel blessings of all that you are wanting and needing in your life,



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