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Ouch. Rescue dose.


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As many of you know I have tapered down to zero Valium nine days ago.

Today the pain simply got too bad.


I took a rescue dose of 15mg Oxazepam.


I chose this instead of Valium since it has a short half life and no metabolism being left behind.


I will try and continue my zero Benzo tomorrow, but am scared I have ruined a lot.


I guess this pain will come back with a vengeance, but at least I have a little relief so maybe I can endure more tomorrow. 


Please cheere me up and don't be to hard on me, I know I've been stupid (again)

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Not a good day today either so i jumped right in to the mud a second day in a row.


I have not been sleeping at all tonight as the needles and hurt kept me awake all night.


I felt myself sliding into areas where i haven't been for years and were i don't want to go again.

I have had some very bad experiences in a clinic, and these seem to pop up in my mind to scare me when i get tired.


Hoping for a good nights sleep tonight, and i'll see if i continue my taper tomorrow.



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I am sorry for your suffering, just know you are not alone and you will recover.  Some days I still search hard for even the smallest indicator of progress.
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