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Akathisia and head pressure in "Phase 3"


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Has anyone that has healed (or maybe you're in the same boat) had akathisia last for awhile when you reached phase 3? It seems like my body has hit a wall where nothing really seems to be getting any better. I would say right around when I hit the 6-7 month mark I reached phase 3 (with a few phase 2 like waves creeping in). It's now 10+ months meaning that for the past 3 months or so it's pretty much been the same old thing.


The last few symptoms seems to be headache and anxiety (different forms like agoraphobia, akathisia). So I guess my questions are did the anxiety/akathisia last until the end, and did you experience a lull where no symptoms really improved?


Also, is there anything that can be done for the akathisia? I'm guessing like most of these it's all about time, but figured i'd ask anyways...

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