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For those with RLS (Akathisia) Offering Relief.


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I am having a little trouble with that for opiate withdrawal.  I was lucky that I never had it after over seven years of xanax.  I have been using opiates periodically with the most discipline I can muster.  I knew it was a slippery slope using them to curb the razor sharp anxiety that sears your inner core.  But it was a calculated risk.  I eased off my second cold turkey benzo with the opiates with a predictable outcome. 


Well in all of the digging and reading I have been doing I have found several ways that Do work on this most dreaded symptom.  I feel I should share this in hopes it alleviates  some of you from the hell of nightly RLS.  Last night about 36 hours after my last tapering dose from the opiate I felt the onset of rls. I ate a banana and a baked potato.  Yes, surprisingly I have an appetite even coming off opiods.  I had absolutely no hint of the rls!!!  It seems that potassium can help or in my case eliminate it. 


However I did not wait to see how long it kept it abated it.  Three hours later I took a small dose of gabapentin just for safe measure so it did not return in the m,iddle of the night. 


I have passed this along before, but for what its worth look up some of these seemingly too good to be true remedies.  . 

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