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Looking to quit Neurontin


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Hi Johnboy :hug:


Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


While we are primarily a benzodiazepine withdrawal forum, we have/had members who are on or have taken Neurontin (gabapentin) .  I personally don't have any experience about this medication but I will give you a couple of links to threads about these drugs. I am aware that it needs to be tapered in a similar fashion to benzo tapering.


Here is a link to a thread that discusses withdrawal from Gabapentin: Gabapentin (Neurontin) Withdrawl Support Group


This will take you to the other medications board Other Medications Board


We have a friendly community and they are willing to share their experience and knowledge. Please feel free to ask questions. 


Members can respond better when they see what medication and dose you are taking.  I would ask you to create a signature line listing this information. Here are the directions to do that: Create a Signature.


Welcome aboard




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hi and welcome from me. I too am on it. I have been for almost three years after going through a horrific CT withdrawal from benzodiazepines. I have tapered only a small amount since I started. My main symptom was insomnia and some additional anxiety. The good thing is you are starting from a fairly low dose, so that will make your taper much shorter. I started on 2400 mg a day. Most people can get off of Neurontin with little problem. I probably wouldn't make the first cut too big and see how it goes. Glad you found us... :smitten:
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