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NYTimes Health Guide: Insomnia


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There's some good information here, but the description, and most importantly, time frame for benzodiazepine withdrawal does not reflect the experience of many of us here on BB. At least, it provides some warnings about possible side effects.




But this companion article on good sleep contains a particularly disturbing paragraph:


4. There is little risk of getting hooked on sleep medicines. The newer drugs, called nonbenzodiazepines, are far less likely to cause dependence and rebound insomnia than the previous generation of benzodiazepines. Recent studies show that they can be safely used for up to one year. Most patients don’t need to be on sleep medicines that long, however. In fact, it’s a good idea to decide with your doctor how long you’ll use the medication and when you’ll stop. If you stop and the insomnia returns, you can always go back on a medication.



What the heck?!



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