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My way to be free from valium


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I had use Valium for 4 years now and I struggle with them...

I miss one of the most important enzyme that metabolism diazepam and it is CYP2C19. I had not use more than my doctor had order and almost low doses as between 2-5mg. After march this year I had a bad accident and it end up in using 20 mg/day for a month. I silly me I tried way to hard to push my body to withdrawal way to quick so I started to use the titration down to 12,5 mg. But after that I start to rush it and drop from 12,5 to 7,5 in one cut. Wait 3 weeks and another cut to 5 mg....It end up in really bad withdrawals and I had like 30 diffrent symptoms during this time. I was really sick and I started to get suicidal thoughts.


I had to go back in my dose. I tried 7,5 didn't help and I tried 10 mg. Then my PhD said I should try clonozapam and that was even worse ( because my bad enzyme). Didn't work so now I am almost stable at 15 mg. Very angry myself for put my body thrue hell for 3 months because I want the poison out of my body.


I had Lyrica as well. I know it works fine to remove some w/d but I dont use it. I have them after my accident it is for nerve pain.

Can I use Lyrica during my w/d and then just cut them off?.

I had use them for 4 weeks after my accident and taper one week and no w/d from them. At the time I used very low dose of Valium. I guess I could had taper to zero mg of Valium.


Really need help. And the titration, I had understand that all "pam" is solved in fat like milk or alcohol. Is 1%/day a good start? How do I do?

My enzyme problem mess alot up because I will get a longer w/d process than others.


Sry if i miss spell,  I am from Sweden :)

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Hi sundanceshaman :hug:


Welcome to benzobuddies, sorry to hear about your accident, I hope you have fully recovered.  Withdrawal is tough but you will get through this and you will get plenty of support here to get you off these meds.


The general rule of thumb is to reduce between 5/10% every 10/14 days. You can taper slower, it can be adjusted based on how you feel, no need to rush it.


I am not very knowledgeable with the titration method, I did a dry cut from Valium, it wasn’t very accurate. Had I of known about titration then, I think I would probably have gone down that route.  I am sure some of our members will give you sound advice. 


Have you read the Ashton Manual, I will put a link here for you: Professor Ashtons Manual It is an authoritative resource on benzodiazepines and how to withdraw,


Feel free to check out the forum and post to any of the dedicated boards, you'll find a great community of people who are here to support and encourage you.


For tapering advice post to general tapers or the titration boards, If you look at the top of the Titration Board you will see some sticky threads with information that you might find useful 


Titration Taper Plans Board


General Taper Plans


For support with any symptoms you may have:


Withdrawal Support


If you would be so kind as to add a signature (history of meds/doses etc) it will help members give you relevant advice this link will show you how to Create a signature


Please let us know If you have any questions.


Welcome Aboard




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Thnx I do need support. This drives me crazy.  :-\

Yes I have tried the Ashton manual. But I have a problem...I always rush this cuts of mg. I just want it out of my system. I am a control person and I hate that Valium is the one who is the "boss" in my life. I am so sick of being sick. Had relapse a few times because of my personality to rush into it and had try cold turkey etc. But now it is time to made this to success instead of always end up in a mess and angry of myself for rush into withdrawal...

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