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Symptoms that are new and growing


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I have a LOOOOOONG hx with this tapering crap  would have to read my sig.


but since last summer June 2015 my symptoms have morphed.  I started having 24/7 dizziness that was relentless...saw neurologist had 48hr EEG with MRI all came back normal was told since I have hx of classic migraines that this was a migraine variant.


in Dec. 2015 switched back to v for taper AGAIN....cut from 8.5mg to 7 and then did a 5 month hold (was on 1.25mg Ativan so should have c/o to 12.5mgs V  big cut right there.


the hold has done nothing...I have gotten worse head symptoms to the point I am afraid to drive most days...neck MRI shown herniated discs Neck KILLS ALL DAY.  but it hurt for years a before the herniated discs.


have had swollen lymph nodes abd all sorts of bizzare symptoms...newest one is tingling/numbness in hands and feet


was checked for Lyme because these are all symptoms of Lyme...but after much research have found that Chronic lyme is very difficult to find on blood tests


question here is there anyone out there that has these symptoms? I barely can walk straight..eyes burn and blur...head feels so weird I can not even explain it and then the tingling....could this be Benzo?


because if it is I am going to end up bedridden for sure...I am now at 5.5mgs and I am NO worse and absolutely NO BETTER

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