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Here I am again, trying to find a doctor who will work with me on a valium withdrawal from temazapam as outlined in the Ashton manual. The nearest doctor is a 4hr drive away and charges up front $250 for the first visit and $115 for subsequent ones,  which may or may not be reimbursed by my ins. co. Does any one know of a Doc Wonderful in Sacramento. I am desperate for help so will probably suck up the car ride and price gouging.
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There's a Dr. Peter Madill in Sebastopol whose name has been put up before as a good withdrawal doctor.  Sebastopol is probably about an hour and a half from Sacramento.
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I called Dr Madill's office and talked to a very helpful front office person. Dr Madill called me briefly the next day and confirmed that he would be able to handle an 'Ashton ' type withdrawal schedule. His office is about a 3 hr drive from my home but after the initial consultation he is willing to track my progress by phone visits.I saw my primary this morning and tried for one last time to get him to help me in a valium withdrawal. He told me that he is not able to help with addictions and muttered something about his licence and benzo prescriptions.. This is the same doctor who put and kept me on temazapam and klonopin and ativan for a year. If I didn't feel so awful I would have laughed. Actually not, because this is so very wrong.


Anyway thanks for the heads up on Dr Madill. I would drive for hours to get some help, and tomorrow is another day :angel:

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