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Had to reinstate on Lexotan 3mg per day. how to taper? Help


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Had to re instate on Lexotan 3mg per day.

After beeing floxed by levaquin i had gone several months with panic attacks and massive anxiety and eventually had to take a couple doses of lexotan .75mg to help. which turned into a couple 1.5mg doses over a period of 3 weeks on and off. Now i cant stop as things got really bad. Need to reinstate and doctor is suggesting 3mg a day.

Should i split the doses to 1.5mg morning and 1.5mg night. i cant switch to valium because valium give me hives really bad and i react badly to it. so i will have to titrate taper with lexotan. is this possible?


Please help im really concerned

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hows this taper plan?

Week 1-2     3.0mg

Week 3-4     2.7mg

Week 5-6     2.4mg

Week 7-8     2.1mg

Week 9-10     1.8mg

Week 11-12  1.5mg

Week 13-14    1.2mg

Week 15-16    0.9mg

Week 17-18    0.6mg

Week 19-20    0.3mg

Week 21-22    0.0mg

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Yeah I am going to try and get stable.

Just wish it didnt take so long to get off. only was taking it for less than 14 days.

really upset that my doctor didnt tell me this could happen. hope ill be ok.

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Seems like i am stabilizing on .75mg Lexotan in the morning and 1.5mg at night.

Will hold this for a while and see how things goes.

Will be doing home water titration as that is probably easiest and smoothest taper

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Thought i was stable but i feeling like horrible on .75mg in the morning and 1.5mg in the night.

I would like some advice on how to stabilise. Problem is i am allergic to valium and klonopin I break out in hives really bad so i have no choice but to stick with lexotan.


Should i split up my doses in to 3 per day?

should i have all doses equal? or could morning dose be small and night dose be big?



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