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Racing thoughts


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When will they stop? I wake up with them and go to bed with them.

Thoughts about my life, comparing my life with other's, songs looping, images of the past/youth, 3 or 4 thoughts at the same time, etc, etc.

I'm 10 months out! When will this stop?

I get depressed by this!


Last week at work it was so hard to cope, the distraction of working didn't help at all!!!! I couldn't hardly concentrate and was afraid of making mistakes!


Everything seems worse for the last 3 weeks, anxiety, dp/dr and this...


Is it normal to have racing thoughts at 10 months out???

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I have this intermittently, some days worse than others but is gradually getting less as time goes on. It often feels like a scary sx and you feel like you've gone slightly mad as the brain is in turmoil, but whenever I have posted about it, am assured it's all part of this inhuman condition which will heal one day. :thumbsup: 
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