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Benzo use afyet prednisone toxicity


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I was looking up xanax side effects and came across benso buddies site.  I have ms and was currentry taking solumedrol then prednisone taper it put me into toxicity quickly.  Doctor precribed xanax right away, mind you I have been on xanax 1 mg nightly for panic attacks fie a long time.  They added .25 twice a day.  I'm really worried about this and was wondering what other pepole thought.  I still get anxious, restless leg and cannot sleep.  I'm feeling I need to get off these benzos. 
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Hello Carebear78,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies!  Most of us have discovered that in the long term benzos create more anxiety and panic. We can certainly help you and encourage you as you taper off the medication. Since you've been taking Xanax for a long time it will be important to taper slowly to allow your nervous system to recover.


A slow taper can also minimize withdrawal symptoms. Generally a taper rate of no more than 5-10% every 10-14 days is suggested. I'll give you a link to the General Taper Plans for additional information.


I'll also give you a link to the Ashton Manual, an excellent resource about these types of drugs and how to withdraw. It was written by an expert in the field.


You're amongst people who understand this process and will support you. Please do ask questions, we're here to help.


General Taper Plans


The Ashton Manual


pianogirl  :)




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