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Where you a bit withdrawn while taking the benzos?


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When I was taking benzos I liked to be on my own. Sometimes I went shopping with a friend, sometimes I went to a concert or party, but not that much, I was okay with that. I felt kinda safe home, watching tv, reading a magazine/book, walking my dog etc. in the weekends, it didn't bother me at all. Through the week I have a job btw.

And now I regret it sooooo much!

People who are going out to parties and festivals are HAPPY people!

And now I'm not able to change this at the moment because of feeling so bad due to withdrawal and then the worry: when I'm healed I don't have many friends to go out with then!! :tickedoff:


Do you recognize this?

And is this a worry that will subside? Could it be that when I'm healed I'm okay with that kind of living again? Maybe being on my own and feeling okay is just me or was it the benzos doing it to me?? I keep thinking/ worrying about this every day. It's like my brain telling me you have to do go out more then you will be happy. I'm very sensitive when I hear people going out as well. It's like my brain is very sensitive to the things that other people do now.




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I feel that way also. I wonder why I had to go thru all this crap and my siblings are all normal and have amazing jobs.

And I was alays fine shopping by myself, when I was on klon.

Now I am physically better. The symptoms are gone. And I'm stuck with my mental symptoms of anxiety, and low self esteem. I am slowly getting out and socializing again.

U are at 10 mos now. I saw a huge improevent around 12 mos. Try and not worry too much.

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