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New Member in need of help with taper from xanax using valium


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Hello everyone, new member here. I know my xanax dose of .5 to 1 mg a day for years may not seem like much, but I am unable to cope with the insomnia, depression and anxiety that comes with the withdrawl. The method of switching gradually to valium, then a valium taper sounds like it may be better for me to handle. I guess I am just too sensitive to the xanax. I tried to read the Ashton method but it seems very confusing to me. I have 60 x .25 xanax left to use for the taper. He said he will not refill these. I also have a 60 day supply of 5mg valium which he will refill. Can anyone offer advice for me on how to do this. My poor wife and daughter want their fun husband/dad back. To think I started xanax because they were given to me for one anxiety attack. Boy I wish I can go back. Any advice on the xanax to valium conversion and taper would be so appreciated. Thank you and God bless my friends.
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Hi Billy,


Are you taking 1 mg xanax all at once (at night)?


If so, a possible crossover would look like this:

week 1: 0.75 mg X and 5 mg V

week 2: 0.5 mg X and 10 mg V

week 3: 0.25 mg X and 15 mg V

See how you are feeling at each stage. It is fine to hold each stage for two weeks (maybe even better to do two than one, depends on how you are feeling).

If you are feeling great at 0.25 mg X and 15 mg V then you could try dropping the 0.25 mg X and staying at 15 mg V for two weeks. If that dosent work you might need to add another 5 mg V for the full Ashton equivalent. Many people find the (initial) extra sedation of V helps them sleep and they can cross to a lower amount. Then you are on to the taper! I recommend taking it gradually.


Good luck!


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