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contacted by news about fraudulent detox.(it was my time to shed light on Benzo)


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I'm kinda caught up in something,besides benzo withdrawl,that i believe or I am hoping sheds more light on the topic of benzos using media.The detox place I went to was a bit of a scam,staff not being paid,on the curse of being unregulated i guess?So they wanted to here my story,and so I explained the difference between a"addict" and the dependent addict from Dr's prescription.Tried to shed a little light on the dangers of cold turkey and the detox method of a week or 2 weeks method of coming off these drugs.Its amazing to me how people think they know what is going on but there is always something more to learn.This reporter said she knows more and more people are using detoxes to come off these drugs.So I said yes I was sure of that,looking for someone to care for them while they come off.Unfortunately I said that they need to focus less on the money they make having clients, and being responsible in how they take them off is a huge deal.I explained I saw a lot of people who came off all kinds of street drugs and what they went through was horrible,but after seven or so days the majority felt better.Where as with coming off benzos, I explained I was still sick.It was hard for me to watch as these people got better and I was still sick.Then I was treated like I was a seeker of drugs,and yet if anybody made mention of any narcotic put in me I was ready to run.So she kinda ,hopefully made the distinction between dependence and addiction..I think that is important. Anyhoo,I explained there must be more responsibility in dishing the drugs by Dr's and they should know how to taper you once they get you hooked!!!If that happened then people wouldn't become more of a victim by going into detoxes that have no clue.They just cause more damage.I am hoping the more the people tell there story when they see a platform,to educate just 1 more person,is not a bad thing.Here's hoping I planted a seed not a pill!!!

wen :)

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