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Ativan Taper - Is this doable?


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Hey everyone, Is this taper plan doable? I've been on ativan for about 6 months now. Before that I was a daily drinker (so I was already messing with my gaba receptors). I'm pretty worn out from dealing with panic disorder for months. I wonder if this is too fast or slow:


8/30/2016 1.5mg

8/31/2016 1.5mg

9/1/2016 1.5mg

9/2/2016 1.5mg

9/3/2016 1.5mg

9/4/2016 1.5mg

9/5/2016 1.35mg

9/6/2016 1.35mg

9/7/2016 1.35mg

9/8/2016 1.35mg

9/9/2016 1.35mg

9/10/2016 1.35mg

9/11/2016 1.35mg

9/12/2016 1.20mg

9/13/2016 1.20mg

9/14/2016 1.20mg

9/15/2016 1.20mg

9/16/2016 1.20mg

9/17/2016 1.20mg

9/18/2016 1.20mg

9/19/2016 1.05mg

9/20/2016 1.05mg

9/21/2016 1.05mg

9/22/2016 1.05mg

9/23/2016 1.05mg

9/24/2016 1.05mg

9/25/2016 1.05mg

9/26/2016 0.90mg

9/27/2016 0.90mg

9/28/2016 0.90mg

9/29/2016 0.90mg

9/30/2016 0.90mg

10/1/2016 0.90mg

10/2/2016 0.90mg

10/3/2016 0.75mg

10/4/2016 0.75mg

10/5/2016 0.75mg

10/6/2016 0.75mg

10/7/2016 0.75mg

10/8/2016 0.75mg

10/9/2016 0.75mg

10/10/2016 0.60mg

10/11/2016 0.60mg

10/12/2016 0.60mg

10/13/2016 0.60mg

10/14/2016 0.60mg

10/15/2016 0.60mg

10/16/2016 0.60mg

10/17/2016 0.45mg

10/18/2016 0.45mg

10/19/2016 0.45mg

10/20/2016 0.45mg

10/21/2016 0.45mg

10/22/2016 0.45mg

10/23/2016 0.45mg

10/24/2016 0.45mg

10/25/2016 0.45mg

10/26/2016 0.45mg

10/27/2016 0.45mg

10/28/2016 0.30mg

10/29/2016 0.30mg

10/30/2016 0.30mg

10/31/2016 0.30mg

11/1/2016 0.30mg

11/2/2016 0.30mg

11/3/2016 0.30mg

11/4/2016 0.30mg

11/5/2016 0.15mg

11/6/2016 0.15mg

11/7/2016 0.15mg

11/8/2016 0.15mg

11/9/2016 0.15mg

11/10/2016 0.15mg

11/11/2016 0.15mg

11/12/2016 0.08mg

11/13/2016 0.08mg

11/14/2016 0.08mg

11/15/2016 0.08mg

11/16/2016 0.08mg

11/17/2016 0.08mg

11/18/2016 0.08mg



I've divided each daily dose into four pills. I want to be off this drug now. I've already made some progress. From 2mg to 1.5mg (it's been hell).

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It looks a bit fast. The recommended reduction rate is 5 to 10 percent every two weeks. You will also want to make sure you stabilize as best as possible between cuts. Sometimes that means " holding" a bit longer than planned.
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Darn do I really need to go that slow? I've only been on it for 6 months. It must be crazy to c/t this. I've been cutting every week up until now. My goal is to be benzo free by 2017.
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Six months is considered long term. :-\ Because how quickly a dependency can develop they really should not be taken for more than 2 to 3 weeks.  I don't know how quickly you tapered from the 2 mg to 1.5. The best way to minimize the chances of severe or prolonged symptoms is to do a slow gradual taper.
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Your cuts starting with your planned cut on 10/28 looks too ambitious, showing cuts of 50% of the preceding dose.  You say in your signature that "it's been hell," which indicates to me that you need to taper at least 50% more slowly than your plan predicts.  Saying to yourself that you need to be off by a particular date makes no sense.  You cannot dictate to this drug.  It dictates to you.  I am also on a direct Ativan taper, nearing the end of my third year (from 5 mg's).  Patience is your most important tool.
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