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Everyone PLEASE sign this pettition to make more aware of the dangers of BZ's


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Oh cool Beeper I did not know this. I think it is from a yahoo benzo group and they are going to send it to the FDA. Thanks for letting me in on it.

peace and hope,


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One of the yahoo benzo groups closed so if it's the one that started this petition, I hope one of the group owners will someday followup and send it in as planned.
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it's a smallworld. i found the person who started this petition.

she is in this group on facebook, no to xanax.





Her name is Cindy Samora and she has put in a discussion in the group about what to do with the petition.

She is still active in many yahoo benzo groups.



Post #1Cindy Samora wroteon January 28, 2010 at 8:44pm

Hi all,


I've received several emails asking me what I'm going to do with the petition. At the time I wrote it, I think 2001, it was part of a bigger dream that was shared by several benzo pioneers, to establish an organization called B.A.N. for Benzodiazepine Awarenes Network. We had hoped to create a support network, through yahoo groups and websites,and to work towards changing dispensing habits and classifications of benzo's, especially in the US. We thought that having a petition would not only support that goal but would also give everyone a chance to be heard in one easy to access location online. It was our hope to DO something with it eventually, but what, we never figured out.


Anybody have any ideas?





I can say that the petition has helped many people with the daunting task of convincing friends, family, doctors and lawyers that they are not imagining or exaggerating their suffering, and that they are NOT the only ones having a bad reaction to benzo's.

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'We are pleased to announce that a formal benzo petition is now on the FDA docket. This document is not a classic signature petition in the normal sense, but rather one that requests changes in all benzodiazepine prescribing guidelines as well as drug information. The FDA placed it on www.regulations.gov and the petition is now open for public comment. Below is a direct link:




Public comments DO effect FDA rulings so this is a chance to be heard. When you click on the link scroll down a bit, to the right you can 'submit a comment'. To the left there is a pdf of the petition. This is mainly a vehicle to express the need for clearer prescription guidelines and drug side effect info. One does not need to be a US citizen to comment. Please feel free to spread the word and this link, the more public comments the better.


I hope with everyone's help there will be some much needed change in benzodiazepine drug labeling."

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