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Anyone experience weakness as a primary withdrawal/tolerance issue?


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Thanks Jeanie:


I have looked at that document and I really did not have many sx at 6 months post flox except anxiety, some insomnia, lack of enthusiasm but, I am hoping that was due to tolerance w/d of the benzo that the flox kicked off. Most of the sx really started for me during this taper.


When did most of your sx start in relation to the cipro and to the taper?


I hope the low dose of A is what is giving you the most issues too and once off you will get well.




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Hey Jeannie,


I stopped by really quick to check on you and saw your note wondering about me! I'm spending time over at benzofreedom.com these days instead. People over there seem to be generally healing WHILE tapering which I find hugely encouraging. My symptoms were worsening so that I was too weak to type and was going to have to quit work. I didn't realize that even though I was holding, that 14 day latency period was snowballing my sx.


After talking to their super wonderful administrator Karen by phone, she explained the importance to me of starting at a dose where I felt more stable. It was a tough decision, but I decided to updose to 10 mgs from 6 mgs and held two weeks. My weakness and other symptoms improved about 50 percent so yay, I'm working again. No regrets!


I switched to a Valium micro taper on milk, am two weeks in and doing pretty well! If you ever want to chat, you can meet me over there and send an IM to me (Chris)!


I hope you are hanging in!!!



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