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2 months Benzo Free!!


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Hi Friends!


Just wanted to stop in and give encouragement as I am now 2 months Benzo free!


My story can be found in my signature, but I will say that while I still have some symptoms such as waves of mild sadness and some irritation, I am overall feeling much better than I have! It is amazing not to feel like I need to take X every couple of hours to get through my day. I am still taking a very low dose of Buspar (2.5mg 3x a day) but will be working toward a taper of that soon as well.


I feel hopeful and extremely proud to say that it has been this long without X, which is something I thought I would never be able to make it without. This drug is a thief. It stole time, memories, and so much more for the last 5 years of my life. Keep going, keep reminding yourself you can do it! Remember the physical and physiological symptoms WILL PASS.


Here is to the rest of my life without a Benzo! God bless!

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Thank you for sharing. I so needed to read your story! I am six months off and just beginning to feel somewhat alive. Working on the massive guilt I feel after the years of benzo use and my irresponsible behavior. Slept around 5 hours last night after 5 days of non-sleep. Got to stay strong for my loving family and myself.
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Hi Graced,


You are most welcome! I will say, the best thing I could do was stop thinking so much about my symptoms and focus on the future of getting well and knowing that while some “bad days” would come, they are much better than the last 5 years! All of my days ahead will be better than the last.


Focus on the good! Our mindset dictates so much of our healing process.


Be blessed!

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