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This morning I went to the dentist, and I was afraid of how my body would react to laying down and having someone work in my mouth as well as what the results of my dental exam may be. Since withdrawal, sitting or laying down too long often makes my system just fall asleep and during acute, my dental hygiene was horrible. But, not only did I make it through an hr long appointment and teeth cleaning, but my exams were great. I don't have any cavities or concerns. Before withdrawal, I was in the process of getting a tattoo removed but haven't been able to get another procedure done for about 8 months. Today, I went in for a procedure but was nervous of how my body would react. I am happy to say that it did not send me into a wave or cause severe anxiety. However, my nervous system did go to sleep during the procedure. I nearly drifted off to sleep and felt weak, which is saying something considering how much tattoo removal hurts! I made two appointments today that I thought I wasn't well enough to do. I was also able to be up and about today from 9 to 6.
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