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Preparing to jump ???


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Down to 0.5V and stable

Should I go lower ?

I see hear conflicting stories

Some like me have paradoxical pain just caused by staying on

But people here seem to go super low ?

What’s everyone’s opinions

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I have tapered clonazepam.  It's a slightly different beast.  I am below the equivalent of .5 mgs Valium.  I choose to walk off, rather than jump.  It's a very personal choice.  If your taper has been pretty much the same no matter how much you tapered per reduction?  If you are ready to manage the possible extra symptoms?  How long have you been at .5 mg V?
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Hi I’ve been at 0.5 about a week

My taper was ok untill 3mg and below ! Severe pain and spacisity especially below 1.5 to the point? I wonder if taking it is actually making it worse ?

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