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My son has a feeling of intense grief dead center is his chest, like a loved one has just died along with burning pain in his upper stomach. This started periodically 2 years ago. It would usually happen upon waking or in the middle of the night and last a few minutes. Then it would last of a day or two occasionally. But now, it started in earnest about 6 months ago. It started out as coughing constantly. So GERD is suspected obviously. He tried Carafate, dexilant, etc. But nothing relieved it. And then the grief feeling began 24/7 and with it, the grief causes a sense of total blackness and emptiness and intense feeling to escape his body, because the feeling is so intolerable. He thinks this is a physical symptom of something, because it is most intense when lying down or upon waking.

Does anyone else experience anything like this and if so, what can cure it? Thanks.

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