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What the heck!!! Bad benzobelly...


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Hello everyone,

Its been going on for 2 weeks now. Severe nausea, gaging, loss of appetite, bloating. I have trouble putting something in my stomach, even when im moving around and about. I was managing ok for months, my belly was getting better slowly,  gained back my appetite, its like a hit a brick wall. The only time im ok is that i have to lay down. I had enough of being in lay down position already. 😥😤🙏

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Feel for you. Had all of the above myself. I'll share what helped me. May be something in it is useful for you.


My bloating was mainly at mealtime and in-between periodically. I took betaine supplements for the stomach to help prevent nausea and burping. It also helps break down food so you can digest. This made eating something tolerable. Small bites every few hours when bad.


For the lower tailpipe, peppermint capsules  from the health food store really helped break up the large bubbles into small ones. If constipation hits, ox bile supplements will stimulate peristalsis and your own gallbladder to act.  Neither supplement gave me any troubles.


Taurine is a component of bile salts. It greatly reduces glutamate which is our foe in WD. It also kills off some pesky unwanted microbes like H. pylori in the gut. Greatly benefits many body systems. *Can lower blood sugar, so take with juice or food.


Best wishes for speedy return to more normal digestion.

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Hi hohhot,

I'm trying to stay away from supplements  because my body, stomach is very extra sensitive and don't want to go into more setbacks.


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